Words for the new King’s Bard

KB Scroll

Calligraphy and Illumination are by Lady Astrid Faelin


So it is somewhat of a tradition in the East Kingdom that out-going King’s and Queen’s Bards write the scroll text for their successors. I wrote mine, to the tune of “Gabriel fram Heven King/Angelus ad Virginem” a 13th/14th Century Carol. The scroll calligraphy and illumination were done by Lady Astrid Faelin.

In A.S. 12 in the East ruled Fernando then Frederick.

Alaric Bowbreaker First Bard made by the King’s own pick.
Since that fateful year have served,
Many a bard of fame deserved,
With story, song, and verse,
Through best times and worse,
The King’s Bard has served the East.
Ever since whenever called a Bard has served the King.
Inspiration, wisdom, and joy the Bard, they must bring,
To the people of the East,
Spreading word fame of the great and the least,
Telling our history, our battles, our pain and our revelries,
To preserve them in our mem’ries.
Grimm the Skald did pass the baldric to Martyn de Halliwell.
Kenric, Brennan, and Edward served he stands before us to tell,
Who shall follow and be named,
And rise up to great acclaim,
As the King’s Bard of the East Kingdom,
He calls him forth to us now.
Therefore on this day, do We, Edward Rex, third of that name and 94th King of the East do decree unto all that
Ysemay Sterlynge
is Our King’s Bard. Done this 31st Day of January at Our King’s and Queen’s Bardic Championship in Our incipient Shire of Nordenfjord, A.S. XLIX.
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