Words for Philadelphia Brown’s Writ for Pelican

I was contacted to write words for a Writ for Baroness Philadelphia Brown to come to River Wars and answer TRM Brennan and Caoilfhionn as to whether she would join the Order of the Pelican. I can happily say that on 13 September 2014, Baroness Philadelphia did become Mistress Philadelphia.

Philadelphia has a late 16th-Century persona, and so I looked to some of the existing letters of Elizabeth I. Although Philly is probably most kind-hearted person you’ll ever have the honor of meeting, I used a Letter of Queen Elizabeth I to the Marquis of Winchester and the Earl of Sussex, Lieutenants of the County of Southampton, to Prepare Against Invasion. 

RIGHT trustie, and righte welbelovid cousines wee greete you well. Whereas heertofore upon the the advertismentes, from time to time and from sondrie places, of the great preparations of foren forces, made with a full intention to invade this our Realme and other our dominions, wee gave our direccions unto you for the preparinge of our Subjects within your Lievetennauncies to be in readines for defence againste any attempte, that mighte be made againste us and our Realme, whiche our directions we finde so well performed, that we cannot but receave great contentemente therbie, bothe in respecte of your careful procedinges therein, and allso of the greate willingenes of our people in generall, to the accomplishement of that whereunto they were requiered. Shewinge therbie their great love, and loyalltie towardes us, which as wee accept most thanckfullie at their handes, acknowledge ourselves infinitlie bounde to Almightie God, in that hit hathe pleased him to blesse us with so lovinge and dewtifull Subjectes: so wolde wee have you make hit knowen unto them on our behalfe, forasmuche as we finde the same intention not onlie of invadinge, but of makinge a conquest allso of this our Realme, nowe constantlie more and more detected, and confirmide as a matter fullie resolved on (an Armie beinge alreadie put to the Seas for that purposse which we doubte not but by godes goodnes, shall prove frustrate), wee have theerfore thoughte meete, to will, and requier you forthewith, with as muche convenient speede as you maie, to call togeather at some conveniente place or places the best sorte of gentelmen under your Lievetennancie, and to declare unto them that consideringe these great preparacions and arrogante threatninges nowe burst owte in action upon the Seas, tendinge to a conquest, whearin everie mans particular state is in the hiest degree to be towched, in respecte of Countrie, Libertie, Wiffe, Childeren, landes, life, and that which speciallie to be regarded, for the profession of the trewe and sincere Religion, of Christe; and layinge before them the infinite and unspeakeable miseries, that followe upon any suche accidente and change (which miseries ar evidentlie seene by the fruites of the harde and crewell governmente that is holden in Countries not farre distante, wheare suche chaunge dothe happen, whatsoever pretence is otherwise geven forthe for the cause of Religion) wee doe looke that the most parte of them shoulde have, upon this instante extraordinarie occasion a larger proportion of furniture, both for horsemen and footemen (but especiallie horsemen) then hathe bine certified, therbie to be in ther best strengthe against any attempte whate soever, and to be imployed bothe abowte our owne parson and otherwise, as they shall have knowledge geven unto them, the nomber of which larger proportion as sone as you shall knowe, wee requier you to signifie to our privie Counsell, heerunto as wee doubte not but by your good indevoures, they wilbe the rather conformable, So allso wee assure ourselves, that Almightie God will so blesse their loyall hartes boren towardes us their lovinge Soveraigne and their naturall Countrie, that all the attemptes of any ennymies whatesoever shalbe made voied and frustrate, to their confusion, your comfortes, and to Godes highe glorie. Given under our signet at our mannor of Greenewiche the xviijth. daie of June 1588, in the xxxth. yeere of our Raigne.

Adjust your eyes to 21st-century spelling for just a moment now… While the original text was meant as a call-to-arms to defend England, the text was easily adaptable into a polite Writ of Summons, as seen in the final submitted text, by simply using parts appropriate to this type of text and preserving the 16th-century spelling:

Praiseworthie and righte welbelovid Philadelphia Brown Wee greete you well. We have been blessed withe so manie lovinge and dewtifull subjects in thees Oure Eastern Landes. Often you have served Oure Realm welle and upon which the Sovraignes directions We finde so well performed, that We cannot but receave great contentment therbie, both in respect of your cafeful procedinges therein, and allso of the greate willingenes to serve and greete every challenge with strengthe and Grace. Whereas heertofore you have been recognized as a Baroness of the Court of Lucan VII & Jana IV and a member of Our Ordres of the Silver Crescent and Terpsichore and the Queen’s order of courtesy, We wish to attempte to meete you and send you on vigil to contemplate answering Our query – to wit, whether or not you shall take your rightful place as a Peer of Oure Realme and join Our esteemed Order of the Pelican. Wee your lovinge Soveraignes have theerfore thoughte to meete, to will, and requier you forthewithe, with as muche convenient speede as you maie, to call together withe Us at River Wars in Our Barony of Iron Bog on the 13th day of September, anno Societatis xlix.

After Our very hearty commendations, given at Our mannor in Ivyeinrust upon the occasion of Noisemakers, the xijth daie of Aprile, in the xlviijth yeare of our Societie.
Brennan Rex       Caoilfhionn Regina
The scroll was created by Lord Reijnier Verplanck and was given out by Their Excellencies of Bhakail, Mael Eoin & Ysmay at Noisemakers IX on 15 April 2014.


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